What is Robotont?

Robotont is open-source platform for robotics education and research. It is an omnidirectional mobile robot with ROS (Robot Operating System) support. Development of robotont is coordinated by the Institute of Technology, University of Tartu.

More information: associate professor of robotics engineering Karl Kruusamäe,

Robotont generation 2.1

Using Robotont

Anyone can use Robotont bacause of all the technical blueprints and software are publicly available on our GitHub. Robotont hardware platform is distributed by ClearBot, but it is possible to use the robot purely in a Gazebo simulation (see the User guides section).


Developing Robotont

The development of robotont is community-based on GitHub and coordinated by the University of Tartu.

The full documentation of Robotont is published in a research paper at HardwareX:


Robotont full documentation published at HardwareX